Volunteer with us:

Caring people all over the community of Hong Kong volunteer with Sunshine Charity to aid in the poverty relief of Hong Kong, lend a helping hand in feeding the hungry, and help with the conservation of Hong Kong’s environment. Join with us, and you can make a difference and change the lives of the unprivileged. Visit the Volunteer Calendar or explore our Service program pages to see how you can help, and what impact your contribution has on the community.

As a sunshine volunteer, there are so many programs that YOU can attend to make a significant impact on one’s life.

Since the initiation of our charity, over 20000 volunteers worldwide have partook in our various events and programs. We have been able to reach 15 countries/territories and it is estimated that we have been able to help over 200,000 people directly.

Below is a breakdown of our program sectors:

  • 70% Food:  the fund is used to purchase basic food & material and long-term sustainable programs
  • 10% Building Projects such as water well, toilets, etc…
  • 5%  Tree Planting & Life giving to the Ocean & Environmental programs
  • 15% Daily products & stationery & medical programs & medicines.

We have no limitations on the type of cases we can help to cover, however our main priority groups include low-income or poor families,  street children, underprivileged elderly, single parents, HIV/AIDS patients, Cancer patients, Leprosy patients, and many others severely sick patients; homeless and street sleepers, widows, jobless, mentally & physically handicapped, and many more.

Humble Volunteering: In addition to assisting us, we encourage our volunteers to assist in their communities to assist others in physical activities such as packing the material collected, home visiting and serving other needier patients. We also encourage overseas volunteering tours to assist lower strata communities in other countries. 

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Spread Awareness:

Interested in how your work will benefit the lives of the unprivileged? Find a story on the Sunshine Charity news page, Facebook, Twitter, and Google pages and share it with your friends and family. The spread of awareness regarding how our organization contributes to society is what powers and motivates us to do more for the community.