When you donate to Sunshine Charity, you are helping thousands of people from relatively low qualities of living. All proceeds go towards the direct benefit of lower class children, and elderly,  as well as those who are severely sick, poverty-stricken or lacking the basic needs of survival. Additionally, part of your funding will be used on sustainable tree-planting programs a multitude of countries. Your funding will also partly be used to acquire commonly sold, live fish, which we will transport from fishing regions to regions where they can repopulate, out of harm’s way. Any remaining funds will go to global programs such as the raising of orphanages, schools and toilets. 

Bank Details:

 Bank:         BANK OF CHINA (HK) 
 Account No.012-926-10184156

Bank I.D: 012 

Branch I.D:  926 

Benef I.D: 10184156

Swift:                BKCHHKHHXXX

Bank Address:  Head Office 1 Garden Road, Hong Kong

Bank Tel:         (852)-2826-6888

Please fax bank-in slip to : 852-3016-9853 or e-mail to: sunshine@sunshine-action.orgtogether with donor name, e-mail & mailing address.

*Donation over HKD 100 is tax-exempted in Hong Kong under IRD-No. 91/10271