Sunshine Charity is a Hong Kong Registered Charity and humanitarian organization with a humble mission: “To feed the famished and warm the destitute.”

Sunshine Charity serves target groups who are mainly from low-income or poor families, including elderly people, street children, new-comers to Hong Kong, cancer patients, HIV/AIDS patients, rare genetic disease patients, single parents, homeless, families in the slum areas of Asian countries and other severely sick patients.

Our programs include the distribution of warm, cooked food to the homeless community, Monthly and seasonal packaging and delivery of food and supplies to the less-privileged elderly, and many other programs that help benefit the lives of the underprivileged.

Sunshine Charity is not subvented by Hong Kong Government or any Government, Community Chest neither the Jockey Club of HK. 100% of funding comes from the general public alone.

We believe every person has the right to enjoy happiness regardless of the race, religion, gender; we are hoping to reduce the suffering in the poorest areas in different channels through direct support.

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With the aid of your will and your determination to help improve the lives of others, we believe that with every volunteer, we can create a growing and lasting impact on the community of Hong Kong, and we hope to do so.


Join us today and be a Sunshine Charity Volunteer!